Work and Grow your Business

We help you Win More Work and Grow your Business

Whatever sector you work in the process of bidding and tendering for work can be highly competitive, complex and time consuming. Without a Strategic approach and the appropriate resource to maximise on opportunities, businesses end up failing. Being able to outsource all or some of the tasks involved in successfully bidding for work to someone reliable and successful is essential. We work in the Public, Private and Government Sectors and help you get more work through a flexible, successful and reliable service.

You will receive a service which is specific to your needs and requirements, giving you peace of mind that you are in good hands.

Our services include: Tender Opportunity Search Service, Administrative Support, Bid Health Checks, Reviews, Bid Writing, Strategy, Bid Management, Training ,liaison work and other Business Development Support Services.

Our tender bid writing specialists at Tebcos can save your time, cost and hassle in preparing your next tender proposal bid documents.Tender bid strategy and tendering research develop Win Themes with rapid expert advice and help from Tebcos.inStrongly reflect them in all communications that could influence your bid evaluators.By helping businesses identify a forward Pipeline of work with carefully selected opportunities, supported by Market and Client Intelligence we will increase your win rate. Your business will go through our tried and tested process for getting bid fit, with long term changes and plans to ensure future sustainable growth and success.